GF Brussel Sprout Hash and Eggs

I had about 20 minutes to make dinner before my husband’s basketball game last night. After standing at the fridge for a few minutes, I saw a bag of brussel sprouts and figured I’d start there. As they were cooking, I decided on eggs for a quick and easy protein. Then I remembered an Instagram post I saw forever ago about a brussel sprout hash that looked so yummy. I couldn’t find the post, so here is my recipe. This meal was EVERYTHING! It was flavorful, healthy, FILLING and so delicious!  

You’ll need: 
1 bag of brussel sprouts (approximately 2 cups) quartered
1 tsp olive oil
2 eggs
2 tsp. parmesan cheese 
Himalayan pink salt and pepper to taste

In a pan, spray olive oil to cover lightly. If you don’t have a Misto, 1 tsp of olive oil is perfect. Add brussel sprouts and a splash of water. Cover and heat on medium for about 10 minutes. Since the brussel sprouts are quartered, they won’t take long to cook. I love mine crispy, so I let them cook for a few minutes on medium high before I added a splash of water and lowered to medium. Your choice on that! 

Once the brussel sprouts are cooked to your liking, you can add salt and pepper to taste and then using your spatula, scoop two holes in the middle of your pan. In those “holes,” crack one egg in each and cover again. I like my eggs over medium, so I let mine cook in the pan a little longer. If you like dippier eggs, I’d give them about 2-3 minutes and then turn off your heat. 

The eggs will be set in with the brussel sprouts and super easy to remove from the pan with a spatula. Once everything is on your plate, top with parmesan and ENJOY! 

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