Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Do you love yourself? I mean, do you love YOU above all else? Do you look in the mirror and adore who you see? Do you schedule self-care as often as you feel you need it? Or, do you let anything and everything come before you?

For years and years, I neglected myself. I put everyone else’s happiness before my own. I was terrified at the thought of being alone. I was even more scared of the idea of loving myself. Isn’t that narcissistic? Then, one day I woke up.

Life is a journey between two dates. You are born into this world with a solid and beautiful purpose. Your job is to love yourself so hard and let your light shine the way to ultimate manifestation. Too often, though, we let our brain rule and neglect our own wants and needs because we feel like putting ourselves first is selfish.

I am here to tell you right now that self-love and self care are the two most vital components to a healthy and balanced life. If you don’t love yourself, how is anyone else going to? If you don’t love yourself, do you think you will ever reach your goals? If you don’t commit to regular self care, what are you telling your body and your mind? You’re saying that YOU aren’t good enough! What in the world is that?

As I am building my life coaching model and working with people for free (HAHAHA) I am finding such beautiful success in helping men and women care for themselves. This can be done in a variety of ways that I will share in my sessions. I will also be teaching you a very simple and quick start framework for envisioning the future you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not unattainable and if you are willing to put yourself first, it will transform your life. I promise!

Remember, love yourself first and everything else will follow beautifully.


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