My Magic Mud – Review Update

I felt like I needed to update you guys on this toothpaste because a few of you asked me if it contained fluoride and the answer is no. That being said, I want to share what happened to me last night as well as what I talked about with my dentist today! 

My friends and I got together last night to watch the Steeler game. Sidenote: I am still in awe over that touchdown pass by Boswell. Anyhow, we ordered pizza and the crust, though DELICIOUS, was super chewy. I took a bite and instantly felt something pull on my front tooth. This tooth has been bonded for about 10-15 years as a result of a violent baton injury, haha. 

When I called the dentist today, he took me immediately and to my surprise, he didn’t have to rip the whole tooth off. PRAISE GOD! Instead, he just smoothed over the chip and I was good to go. 

While I was there, I mentioned the pizza and I also mentioned that I’d been using this charcoal toothpaste for almost 2 weeks. He and the dental hygienist both shared that although the charcoal toothpaste is really trendy right now, for my specific sensitivities and dental needs, I really should be using a toothpaste with fluoride. 

Now, I had too many factors in play for this specific dental emergency, but they did share that the charcoal toothpaste is OK to use in conjunction with a toothpaste that does contain fluoride. You’d just want to use the charcoal first and then follow up with a regular toothpaste. Or, just use the charcoal here and there for a change. 

While I do want to make changes that are healthier for my body, this is one that I probably will not continue. I would absolutely recommend consulting with your dentist if you feel that you want to switch over. I hope this helps you with your clean journey!  

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