Empowering Through Empathy

See those two newlyweds? Those two chose to put in the hard work, grow themselves, develop as individuals and create lives completely independent of one another before committing to a marriage. Those two, despite their instant connection, spent years apart living, experiencing, reading, growing, laughing, loving, crying, hurting and preparing for each other. They accepted that they were secure with who they were alone, but were so unbelievably grateful to have the chance to spend their lives together. They vowed before God to never take a single day for granted, respect and honor each other,  support each other in pursuit of goals and dreams and above all else, love. That picture shows what happens when you stop living for others and commit to living for yourself. 

Life is hard. It’s beautiful, spiritual, frustrating and confusing. There are billions of people living right along with you at this very moment and no two stories are the same. Isn’t that incredible to think about? Your journey is yours. Your choices are yours. Your future is yours. Every day you wake up is a new opportunity to be better than you were yesterday. It’s a new chance to feel empowered and strong.

Today marks the first day of my journey toward a greater calling. Today, I choose to take my dream and actively level up. For the last 10 years, God has been closing doors and opening windows for me. He has weaved the most beautiful and toxic people in and out of my life for a greater purpose. I was meant to experience every moment of the last 32 years because it has been leading to an opportunity to share, empathize and teach. 

I am not an expert of anything and I will never claim to be. I am, however, a 32 year old dreamer with a story. I am a wife. I am a teacher. I am a writer and a futuristic thinker. I see the way I’ve applied simple strategies to my life that have healed and empowered me to become completely fulfilled and healthy. I see the power of empathy and how it impacts the healing process. I want to share my journey because empathy is what healed me. Knowing that I was not alone healed me. Having a tribe healed me.

Now is the time to realize that life doesn’t have to be a big question mark. You don’t have to spend every day walking on eggshells, hiding from your dreams and worrying about what other people think of how you choose to live. You can, in fact, create a life you are proud of. You have the ability, the talent and the skill to unlock your heart and let your dreams come to life. You are not defined by your worst day ever. You are defined by the way you commit to moving forward, accept the setbacks and use every single day to be a better version of yourself than the day before. 

You’ve got this. And I’m here to help. 

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