nevertheless, SHE PERSISTED

The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind for me. My life took an immediate turn with the thought that I might be pregnant and I realized that although I’m living a really full life, I want more out of it. I want to do more, give more and ultimately be more.

I sat down with an amazing writing coach about a month ago and she listened to me talk for an hour about all of the ideas floating around in my head. Ever so kindly, she put everything into a visual and shared what she took from our one-on-one. I was so shocked to see how my mind was working when I wasn’t responsible for anything but talking. Isn’t it amazing how your subconscious works and just pours stuff out? Guys, I had so much to share and all I could do was talk a mile a minute while she feverishly took notes. Poor girl.

For the last two weeks, I’ve dedicated 30 minutes of my morning to writing these thoughts down. I chose to do the first two weeks by hand. I think there’s something very personal and intimate in journaling and I’m so glad I chose to do that. I was able to access thoughts and ideas that I really didn’t even realize were there.

Fast forward to a crazy week, tons of school work and a new student teacher. This is often where I tend to neglect my own self care and then slip into the routine of draining my cup until it’s empty. Not this time. On Saturday, I decided to get a few new things for our house, do some self care and come back to organize for the coming week. I took a few hours and planned out my school week, meal prepped lunches for Adam and I, worked on organizing my office and started my 2019 vision board. In my world, if it’s not written down, it’s likely forgotten.

With my vision board almost complete for 2019, lesson plans done, meals prepped, workouts planned, calendar updated and my phone in the bedroom charging, I chose to spend the last half of my evening snuggled up with my husband. It’s days like yesterday that I am so grateful for. It’s realizations like that one that make me feel so much more committed to my dreams. I will get there. I will be successful. It may not be this week and every day may not be productive, but my vision board is a constant work in progress planned with the understanding that I must appreciate and value each day.

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