Memory Lane


Have you ever been hard on yourself thinking of the way things used to be? This may come in the form of “I was so skinny back then,” “I wish I was put together like I was in 2016,” or “Why do I feel like I’m constantly trying to catch up?” These are very real and valid thoughts, but also very dangerous ones. Over the last few years, I’ve learned about positive affirmations and the impact they have on overall wellness. I’ve also learned about the power and deception of social media. We are all guilty of this. You might be scrolling through Facebook memories and see yourself in those size 2 jeans and wonder how you crept up to a 4 or dare I even say a 6 in less than 3 years. Out of impulse, you decide that you’re done with eating like shit, decide to go on a diet without proper planning and then body shame yourself for the next week because you can’t see any changes. Am I right? Or maybe you wonder how you had the time to juggle so many things and still seem so with it when now you’re lucky if you wash your hair every 2 days. If you are in this position, you are most certainly not alone. This is a cycle that happens all the time.

I can tell you that you have the power to heal your mind and body.  It is not easy and it won’t happen overnight, but if you can get past those two truths, you are halfway there. Most of what you’re experiencing is mental. By learning how to let go of the past and embrace the right now, you will realize that life is a constant journey with twists and turns. There’s never a point where you “arrive.” Does that mean you shouldn’t set goals for yourself or make plans? No! It just means that who you are today is just as important as who you’ll be two weeks from now or even 10 years from now. Maybe you screwed up your diet because Saturday night involved one too many vodka soda waters. You fell into a plate of chips and guac and the rest is history. Instead of looking at that as a failure, try thinking about the fun you had. Think about the friends you were with, the laughter you shared and how every day is a brand new day to start over and continue working toward your goal. Doesn’t it feel so good to think from the perspective that it’s in the past, you enjoyed it and now you move forward? I know from experience that a cheat meal can very easily turn into a cheat month and the consequences are far worse. This goes for anything in life. If you dwell too hard on one slip up, you have the power to turn your life into a cycle of negativity which comes with all types of extra stress and baggage.

Take a moment and be still. Think about your life and all of the things that bring you joy. Now, think about your messy house, the pile of dirty clothes, the section of your closet that doesn’t fit you anymore and those precious minutes that somehow disappeared from your day. All of these things are reality. You are going to have so many things bring you joy if you let them. You’re also going to realize that those things that frustrate you may come from a place of joy. The messy house means that you are busy doing something that you love! The dirty clothes mean you’re going somewhere! That closet? Those clothes? Maybe your body is changing because you’ve started working out. Perhaps you had a baby or you’re on the go and struggling to stick to a healthy meal plan. That doesn’t mean you are committed to a clothing size that makes you cringe. It means you have the ability to change your body whenever you want! Keep those clothes if you want to challenge yourself. Or maybe, donate the clothes and freshen up your closet with things that compliment your current body.

Life is all about perspective. Once you can gain a healthy one, the rest will fall into place.

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