So, last week I was out with my girlfriends after a long and sweaty week of teaching tiny humans and I needed a tall vodka soda water and some guac. Who’s with me? As I was waiting for my drink, my girlfriend Julie was telling me about a survey she took that day to find out her areas of strength and what they say about her in all facets of her life. OBVI I was intrigued. So intrigued that I sat at the table, vodka in hand, guac in mouth, chomping and typing away on my phone looking for this survey. I needed to know more. So I carried on with the night, had some drinks, laughed my butt off (figuratively, ugh) and woke up on Sunday feeling a little bit different. My parents and I went to breakfast and I went HAM on some blueberry french toast at our local breakfast spot. SHOUT OUT Crouse’s Cafe in Indiana, PA because #BREAKFASTGOALS As most of us do, I also went ahead and ordered the table a cinnamon roll and crushed 80% of it myself. I knew my body was going to despise me within the hour but whatever. This is so many of us, right? We have one guilty pleasure, assume that it’s ruined our day and then we spiral OUT OF CONTROL until we hit rock bottom, completely go the opposite direction the next day and let the cycle continue. I’ll dig into this more later. As the day went on, I turned into the hungry caterpillar and ate like 6 pieces of pizza, cookies, carrot cake, you name it. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME? I sat down to my notebook and made a commitment. “You are out of control. You haven’t journaled in like 6 months. You haven’t seen your therapist (though you really don’t need to because you HAVE the tools but are failing to use them) GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. So that night, I made a promise to myself. I was going to start writing. Every damn day. I was going to write it out. Journaling had been my saving grace for so many years, why in the world did I ever abandon it? So, the next morning, I woke up (before my alarm might I add) and walked out into the dark and quiet living room. Adam was still sleeping as per usual. I picked up my notebook and the words flew out of me faster than I could even write them. So much had happened in those many, many months. There was laughter, love and friendship. There was dishonesty, abandonment and hate. There were so many raw emotions in that short frame of time but I felt so compelled to just get it out of me. I started to feel this sense of urgency because I am a firm believer in fate, serendipity, “right place, right time” and whatever else. I carried on with my day and followed through. I literally kicked that Monday’s ASS. Onto Tuesday is where we pick back up. Remember that strength survey I was talking about from Friday. Yeah, so I woke up on Tuesday before my alarm clock (can I get a holla for respecting my REM cycle?) and sat down with my laptop. I wanted to journal, but I felt COMPELLED to do this survey. I had the time, so I made the old commitment and within 30 minutes, I was analyzing my results. Cue the question marks. My top strength is what? Meaning, huh? I needed help. So what this test was saying was that I was a strategic thinker, a relator, input-driven, a futuristic thinker and developer. Ok, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN? So, naturally I hit up the person who guided Julie. And her response….? “Do you have Marco Polo? WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THESE STRENGTHS!” So, I got the app, and the rest is history. Krista had this strong sense of urgency to talk to me and I can’t help but think that God was telling me that this is MY time. This is your nudge. This is your push. This is “Katie, WRITE THE DAMN BOOK.” You have the gift of words. There are people out there dealing with the same things you have. There are people out there who need to know that they can be over-comers. Today, I made the choice to share my story with the world. Maybe someday, my story will help you.

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