GF Taco Bowl

How in the world have I not discovered this yet? We do Taco Tuesday religiously in the Woodrow house and somehow, I’ve never thought to incorporate them into my weekly lunch. That changed today. I was rushing to get out the door this morning and had leftover quinoa from dinner last night as well as taco meat from Tuesday night. In a glass Pyrex I layered a half cup of plain quinoa, 6oz of 96% lean ground beef with taco seasoning and set aside. I measured 1/4 cup of cheddar, some salsa and a cup of lettuce. At lunch time, I popped the quinoa and meat topped with cheese and microwaved for about a minute to get the cheese melted. I pulled out and topped with the salsa and lettuce and cue the party in my mouth! So good, y’all. Definitely going to be on the lunch menu for school next week. It’s a weekly lunch that will make #sundaymealprep a breeze, super healthy because… QUINOA and it kept me full until dinner time! Plus, any opportunity to have Taco Tuesday feelings on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday gives me all*the*heart*eyes!

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